Bulbine Natalensis

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Bulbine Natalensis

Family: Asphodelaceae

Common names

  • Ingcelwane
  • Rooiwortel
  • Ibhucu


Bulbine natalensis is an evergreen perennial. It has broad sharp pointed fleshy yellow-green leaves and clusters of star-shaped yellow flowers on long thin flowering stems.


Bulbine natalensis occurs widespread throughout parts of Northern Cape, Western and Eastern Cape; however, it reaches its peak in the succulent-rich, dry valleys of Eastern Cape.

Cultural value

Bulbine natalensis is a plant that has been reported to possess aphrodisiac properties. It is also used as a testosterone booster and used in many sports supplements.

The leaf sap is also used for topical purposes such as cracked lips and burns while the aqueous extract of the leaves is used for intestinal issues (diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions) and has been reported to be used for anti-diabetic and anti-rheumatoid purposes.

Growing Bulbine Natalensis

This is an easy to grow, waterwise, floriferous groundcover, which with the minimum of care, will look good all year round.

Propagation is from seed, cuttings or either division of clumps, and should be done in spring. Once the seedlings have four leaves and the cuttings have a well-formed root system, they can be transplanted.