Commiphora wildii

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Commiphora wildii

Family: Burseraceae

Common names:

  • Omumbiri
  • Oak-leaved Commiphora

The stem can grow to 50 centimetres in diameter, the plant can reach 100 centimetres in height and 150 centimetres or more in diameter. The flowers are greenish yellow.


Commiphora wildii is found in Namibia.

Cultural value
Products from many species of Commiphora have been used for various purposes, sometimes as timber, building material, and natural fencing, but more often valued for the aromatic resins produced by several members of the genus. “Myrrh”, the common name for these dried resins, is fragrant and has been used both as fragrance and for medicinal purposes.

Growing Commiphora
Commiphora wildii is found growing in grit with little to some water and lots of sun.