Dr Boxall’s Sceletium Tortuosum Tincture 20ml


One of nature’s most powerful neuro chemical natural medicines, Sceletium has been used for hundreds of years to enhance the mood and emotions in patients.

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Dr Boxall’s Sceletium Tortuosum Tincture 20ml

Sceletium tortuosum Traditional Uses:

  • Relieving stress & tension
  • Lack of libido
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Depression
  • Mood enhancer
  • Post drug induced depression (come down)
  • Combats irritability
  • Post traumatic stress disorder or before a stressful event
  • Irritability in menopause
  • Balance neuro chemistry and serotonin reuptake
  • Boost energy and aid in concentration
  • Bi Polar, attention deficit disorder (A.D.D), obsessive compulsive disorder (O.C.D.)
  • Reducing addiction cravings of prescription & recreational drugs
  • Stimulate empathy & connection in relationships & used in couple therapy

Chemistry and Pharmacological Research into Sceletium tortuosum

Historically Sceletium tortuosum was chewed, smoked or used as snuff, producing euphoria and alertness which gently fade into relaxation. The mood elevating action of Sceletium is caused by a number of alkaloids including mesembrine, mesembrenol and tortuosamine. These alkaloids interact with the brain’s dopamine and serotonin receptors, also known as neurotransmitters, as a potent serotonin uptake inhibitor. As a serotonin uptake inhibitor, the brain is made proficient in reclaiming neurotransmitters from the neuron receptors to the originating nerves thus keeping more serotonin in circulation. Sceletium is known to have a balancing effect on other feel good neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and on adrenaline. Thus, mesembrine, allows the brain to function with reduced levels of serotonin, allowing time for natural levels to build up with coping mechinisms.

Sceletium is non addictive, not hallucinogenic, and no severe adverse effects have been documented.

Serving Suggestion Tincture Drops
Take 12 – 20 drops with filtered water or under the tongue , daily or as required

Do not take if pregnant or nursing. Consult doctor before use if you are on other medication. Not yet proven to cure any diseases. Free from gluten, animal products, yeast, added sugar or sodium. No artificial colourants, flavourants or preservatives.

Vegan and animal friendly. All Sceletium (Tort) used in this product is CITES and Cape Nature South Africa certified.

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