Herbal Africa BIG1/XXXL Penis Enlarging Ointment


Penis Enlarging Ointment


Herbal Africa BIG1/XXXL Penis Enlarging Ointment

Penis Enlarging Ointment
(Adults only)

For the first time, the deep-rooted secrets of African mysticism and practices have been harnessed and their power available to all. Described as “revolutionary” and “in a class of its own” by professionals, BIG1/XXXL offers a natural solution with unmatched results. Above all and unlike all others, its effectiveness is visible and felt within the first weeks of application.

BIG1/XXXL is an effective herbal ointment that increases the size of the penis as well as sexual performance.

BIG1/XXXL enlarges the erectile tissues of the penis as well as the blood vessels allowing for better and faster results. Its natural ingredients increase the girth and length, improve libido and strengthen erections. Users of BIG1/XXXL enjoy delayed ejaculations and improved self-confidence adding satisfaction to the sexual experience.

With thousands of years of African knowledge, customer satisfaction and a team of dedicated professionals behind our product, the customer is assured of effective results that will change their perception on how products should work.

The reasons for purchasing BIG1/XXXL:

  • It is effective.
  • Proven track record with ethno-botanical and anecdotal data.
  • Made with natural herbs.
  • Added benefits that include better sexual performance.

How it works:
1. Works differently. By enlarging the blood vessels as well as the erectile tissue, BIG1/XXXL ensures better, faster and healthier results. The growth in size is directly related to the original size of the penis. From our studies, this increase is generally 10% to 15%. The increase is most noticeable at the base of the penis.
2. During the first month of application, the width size, rather than the length, is affected.
3. During the second and third month, the penis generally grows in length, averaging the same growth size as that attained within the first month of application.
4. Within the first three weeks of application, there is a noticeable increased in the blood vessel size. This increases the blood flow into the penis.

For best results, it is recommended that the time of application be at least three uninterrupted months.


For external use only

1. .Cleanse and dry penis well.
2. Apply and spread BIG1/XXXL evenly over the penis skin area.
3. A condom may be used to cover the application.
4. Leave it on for a minimum period of 4 hours, preferably for 8 hours.
5. Wash hands after touching BIG1/XXXL and wash penis after use.
6. Best used at night before going to sleep.
7. Because the contents are natural, they are to be used up within a month of opening the bottle. For best results apply for 3 uninterrupted months.

Technical information:

Contents: BIG1/XXXL‘s formula consists of African medicinal herbs, herbs, alcohol and gel. In order to protect trade secrets, the active plant species will remain undisclosed.

Contra Indications: People with a hypersensitivity to any ingredients or any African plant species.

Not to be taken internally. Overuse may cause sensitivity in the area where it is applied.

Frequently asked questions:
Q: Has it been clinically tested?

A: No. If you want clinical trials, we advise that you go to a pharmaceutical company and live with inferior products and side effects that will probably last you a lifetime. BIG1/XXXL is manufactured with natural ingredients that have been tested and tried over many generations. Their effectiveness is unquestionable and the envy of many. Ours is a natural product, not a drug.

Q: How can I be sure that it has no side effects?

A: The herbal ingredients used in our product have been in use since time immemorial. Many African tribes use herbal mixtures to enhance the penis size as well as sexual performance and there are no records of any side effects. We use a gel base that may irritate the skin in certain cases, but these cases are extremely rare.

Q: What are the advantages of the ointment over pills?

A: No matter what is said, pills will affect others parts of the body. There are no reports of any ill longterm side effects with BIG1/XXXL. With BIG1/XXXL, the only areas affected are the desired ones. Unlike anyone else, the ethno-botanical data actually supports the effectiveness of the natural ingredients and further shows long-term advantages from its use.

Q: How big will my penis grow?

A: The size increase is directly related to the original size of the penis. A 10% size increase is the norm and the accepted figure when BIG1/XXXL is applied correctly.

Q: Will the size stay the same even after stopping the treatment?

A: This is the case with the rural people who have used its ingredients.

Q: Why is the use of a condom recommended?

A: To ensure that the actives are in contact with the skin and maximum effect is achieved. If a condom is not used, the actives may rub off onto the clothing and therefore the results will be greatly reduced. Further, the traditional doctors have warned us to ensure that the actives do not get in touch with other parts of the body such as the testicles, as it will make them grow as well!

Q: Can I use it more than once a day?

A: Yes. The results are faster but a feeling of sensitivity may be felt at the base of the penis. Should this occur, we advise a return to the recommended dosage.

Q: I have tried everything but nothing works. What do you recommend?

A: For difficult cases we recommend that the ointment be used more than once a day. As soon as an increase is noticeable, the application should revert to once a day for 4 to 8 hours. This way, confidence is restored without overdosing. Sensitivity is only felt if the enlargement occurs too rapidly without giving the erectile tissue and blood vessels to adjust.

Q: Can I have intercourse with it on?

A: No. Make sure that you washed off prior to sex or apply after having sex.



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