Phyto Nova Novatens 75mg Capsules


Trust the healing power of nature to help soothe anxiety and relieve stress. Novatens is a natural anti-stress and mood enhancer without side effects.

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Phyto Nova Novatens 75mg Capsules

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Novatens can be used safely and effectively at any time of day to relax and lift your mood the natural way.

Trust the healing power of nature to help soothe anxiety and relieve stress. Novatens is a natural anti-stress and mood enhancer without side effects.

From overworked business persons to tense teenagers, anxious new mums and even highly strung children, people from all walks of life experience stress at times. And with our increasingly demanding lifestyles, it’s important to manage this stress in a healthy way.

Novatens is the natural, gentle and effective alternative to conventional products with potentially more potent side-effects. Containing an extract of a well known indigenous herb, Novatens can be used safely at any time to soothe anxiety, relieve stress and enhance one’s mood.

Why prescribe Phyto Nova Novatens?
Phyto Nova Novatens contains Sceletium, a fascinating indigenous South African medicinal plant which has been known and used for centuries for its unique calming, relaxing and mood enhancing effects. Today it is being rediscovered around the world as an effective yet gentle natural anxiolytic and mood enhancer with no evidenced hallucinogenic, cognitive or other significant side effects.

Phyto Nova’s variety of Sceletium is grown by our farmers to ensure a consistent product of excellent quality that is environmentally sustainable. The plant Sceletium is rare in the wild and should never be wild-harvested. Phyto Nova is advised by a world class team of recognised medicinal plant experts including a medical doctor, botanist, and medicinal chemist.

Key benefits of Phyto Nova Novatens
Case studies by psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors have been presented at an international conference in Australia indicating excellent results in managing anxiety and mild to moderate depression. The onset of action can typically be experienced within a day or two, Helps relieve the symptoms of stress, tension and anxiety.

Great Natural Actions

  • Calming & relaxing
  • Reduces stress & tension
  • Mood enhancing
  • Mechanism of Action

The key alkaloids in Sceletium, including mesembrine, mesembrenone and tortuosamine have been reported to have interesting in-vitro activities on important neuro-receptors in the brain, including serotonin, nor-adrenalin, dopamine and nicotinic receptors1,3,4,7,8. However since these assays are preliminary in-vitro receptor-binding studies, the true molecular mechanisms of action are still being elucidated. Dr Louis Lewin reported in 1934 that mesembrine induces a meditative state of mind1.

Directions for use
Take one 75 mg capsule twice a day after meals, with some water, unless otherwise directed by your doctor or other registered healthcare professional.

Take two capsules twice a day if a greater dosage is required. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor or other registered healthcare professional.

Side Effects
Minor side-effects include occasional incidents of mild headache, mild nausea, and mild loose stool.

Initial transient increase in anxiety may be experienced, and will resolve after a short period of time.

Insomnia or difficulty sleeping may be avoided by taking the second dose at midday and not at night.

If sedation is experienced, the dosage can be reduced to one capsule taken at night.

Contraindications and Cautions

  • Do not use during pregnancy.
  • Use while breastfeeding should be discussed with your doctor or other registered healthcare professional.
  • Allergic reactions can occur to any natural product in sensitive persons.
  • It is recommended that the use of the product should be stopped two weeks before elective surgery.
  • Consult your doctor or other registered healthcare professional for advice on taking Sceletium if taking pharmaceutical medications for any illness. There may be theoretical interactions with psychiatric drugs, including antidepressants, sedatives, sleeping tablets, hypnotics, anti-anxiety medications, anti-psychotics, and medications for bipolar disorder. Similarly it is not advised to take Sceletium together with antiepileptic or anti-hypertensive medication.

Do not take Phyto Nova Novatens with alcohol or recreational drugs.

May potentiate the effect of anticoagulants (such as warfarin).

Keep out of the reach of children.

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