Herbal Africa Digestive Tonic / Blood Cleaner 60 Capsules


Herbal Formula for the Digestive System, Liver and Pancreas


Herbal Africa Digestive Tonic / Blood Cleaner 60 Capsules

(Momordica balsamina L.)
Herbal Formula for the Digestive System, Liver and Pancreas

Digestive Tonic is made with Momordica balsamina L. A true wonder of the African Herbal kingdom, it is well known within all its communities. An ancient and potent herbal remedy, Momordica balsamina L. is sold by African herbalists, traditional herbal establishments and often recommended by conventional doctors.

Momordica balsamina L. is traditionally used as a digestive, liver and pancreas tonic. Momordica balsamina L. is effective at detoxifying the body and counteracting the effects of overindulgence in fatty and spicy foods and alcohol. The Momordica species is used in homeopathic medicine, African, Indian and Chinese traditional medicines and is a registered medicine in Eastern countries.Background:Momordica balsamina L. is considered as one of the most popular African herbs and often available in the street markets of African cities. It is consumed in countries such as Portugal, India, Japan, the Philippines, Puerto Rica, China. Momordica balsamina L. is safe to use with no known side effects, and is suitable and recommended for children.As a detoxifier, digestive and liver tonic, Momordica balsamina L. rates as a clear favorite and is regarded as one of the most effective herbal treatments for said indications. Due to it’s nourishing effect on the liver, it has a invigorating effect on the whole body.

Added benefits:
1) Momordica sp. is rich in vitamins A & C, carotene, calcium, iron, phosphorous and alkaloids 2) Increases energy and stamina. Momordica balsamina L. cleanses the body of harmful toxins thereby increasing energy, vitality and stamina.
3) Momordica is nutritious. Because it is natural, the vitamins and minerals contained in the Momordica sp. are easily absorbed by the digestive system thereby allowing for greater absorption and efficacy.
4) Recommended for osteoporosis sufferers. Where Momordica balsamina L. is regularly consumed there has been is no occurrence of osteoporosis.
5) Recommended for suffers of ulcers (stomach and duodenum), bile and digestive disorders. Momordica passed three out of five pathogen tests and is considered as a natural antibiotic.

Besides the African following of this herb, Momordica balsamina L effectiveness is admired and respected by homeopaths and conventional doctors, who have personally experienced its effects on their patients. It’s richness in natural vitamins and minerals greatly contribute to its efficacy and quality. It’s benefits are such that Unicef field workers are known to advise parents to supplement their children’s diets with Momordica balsamina L.

In areas where Momordica balsamina L is consumed regularly, there is no occurrence of osteoporosis.Momordica balsamina L consumers also show an increase in the strength of their nails and hair. Momordica balsamina L. is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and calcium and in their natural form they are easily absorbed by the system.

There is no signs of toxicity with this remedy. The fruit of the Momordica balsamina L is considered to be a purgative.

Each capsule contains 300 mg Momordica balsamina L., 50 mg enzymes, and 10 mg Magnesium stearate. Digestive Tonic is free from artificial preservatives, chemicals, colorants, sugar and alcohol.

3 to 4 capsules daily, ½ hour before meals with a full glass of water. There are no recorded side effects from the use of Momordica balsamina L. For severe cases of conditions, six capsules of Digestive Tonic can be taken daily at regular intervals.

Contra indications:
Patients with a hypersensitivity to any of the plant species or ingredients. Not to be taken during pregnancy.

Pharmacological action: African herbal medicine.

Indications: It is traditionally used in the support of liver detoxification, digestive tract disorders, gall bladders disorders, ulcers, bile and urinary tract inflammation. It is also recommended for diabetic patients. Due to it’s nourishing effect on the liver, it has a invigorating effect on the whole body.

Warnings: None.

Side-effects and special precautions: No side effects have been recorded. Not to be taken with alcohol.Known symptoms of overdosage and particulars of its treatment: None, treatment is symptomatic.

Identification: Size 0, clear gelatine capsule, with green coloured powder.

Presentation: Bottles of 60 capsules.

Storage instructions: Keep in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Interesting facts:
Momordica balsamina L and osteoporosisIn areas where Momordica balsamina L is consumed regularly, there is no occurance of osteoporosis. Momordica balsamina L. is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and calcium and in their natural form these vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed by the system. It is the traditional consensus that lack of osteoporosis can be attributed directly to Momordica balsamina L. In defense of this analysis, African herbalist practitioners, point as evidence the fact that Momordica balsamina L consumers show an increased strength in their nails and hair and generally the bone structure of these consumers is strong and healthy.

In particular, Portuguese conventional doctors used to comment on the bone strength of the locals. A famous episode with one such conventional doctor, occurred when the doctor broke a broom over the head of a local during an argument. The impact was so hard that the broken broom flew to the roof, hit the roof and come back hitting the doctor over his head and cracking it. The local only sustained a bump.

Following a proper diet with the right amounts of minerals, vitamins and regular intake of Momordica balsamina L will reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Momordica balsamina L’s high concentration of Calcium and other bone-friendly minerals and vitamins increases bone density and mass.It is a wise decision to start taking Momordica balsamina L from as early as ten years old, during the fast growing period of a child. Woman are specially at risk of contacting osteoporosis, in particular after menopause, when estrogen levels drop and are therefore advised to take Momordica balsamina L regularly.

Momordica balsamina L. (Kekana) – The legend
When the Portuguese settled in Africa, a troop garrison was placed on the borders of the Limpopo River. The troops soon succumbed to an epidemic of marsh fever (paludism), a mosquito transmitted disease. Conventional treatment at the time was painful and slow. A local Shangaan pointed out a healer (traditional doctor) who had an effective cure for marsh fever. Soon word spread that this disease could be cured in three days with this bitter herb – Kakana.Within a short period of time, the Portuguese troops were queuing at the door of the traditional doctor and refused treatment by the conventional doctor residing in the camp. The humiliation was total. This is one of many painful lessons conventional medicine has learned in Africa.The traditional doctor capitalized on the economic potential of his medication. He set up a small restaurant next to the camp and refused to sell his medication to the troops unless they ate at his restaurant. Kakana was not only prescribed medicinally but was served as a sauce with everything from prawns to chickens.

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