Herbal Africa Matema 30ml


Mathéma has an excellent record for cancer, cysts, tumors and obstructive maspopathy.


Herbal Africa Matema 30ml

Matema is blend of the Mathéma herb, Artemisia Afra and Aloe arborescens traditionally used to assist patients with:

  • Cancer of the colon, intestine, liver, lung, prostate, breast and skin (anecdotal, ethno-botanical and in-vitro data)
  • Cysts (anecdotal and ethno-botanical)
  • Tumours (anecdotal, ethno-botanical and in-vitro data)

Added benefits:

1) Rich in natural vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, phytochemicals and amino acids (ethno-botanical data)
2) Recommended for blocked maspopathy sufferers (anecdotal data)
3) Used externally on gangrenous wounds (anecdotal data)

Matema herb is an ancient secret of African herbal doctors (Inyangas). It has proven itself as a popular African traditional herbal treatment through time and countless successful cases. Mathéma has an excellent record for cancer, cysts, tumors and obstructive maspopathy.

Some Artemisia species have shown in-vitro activity against cancer and tumour cells. However, we do not have in-vitro data on the Artemisia Afra. In the Cape Province, African traditional doctors have long utilized Artemisia Afra for cancer and tumours and anecdotal data seems to support the use of Artemisia Afra for cancer.

In in-vitro research, the Aloe arborescens has shown considerable activity against tumours and cancers. The possible scavenging effects of Aloe arborescens, its preventive effects and destruction of certain cancer cells have been observed by Japanese and American research. In addition, its considerable activity in stimulating the immune system helps in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Is it a cure? It will be ethically wrong to state that Matema is a cure, regardless of its achievements. There have never been any guarantees for cancer. We advise patients to take Matema as an herbal supplement. Many have chosen to take it as the only treatment with significant results and have turned out negative after a period of 3 months and less on Matema. It is up to the patient to make his/hers own decision on whether to take Matema as a remedy or supplement. We must emphasize that the Matema was developed based on African traditional practices and testimonials from cancer patients. In-vitro data attests to its positive results with cancer sufferers.

African Traditional doctors recommend that high-risk cancer patients go on a course every four months. T/Dr R de Carvalho had three members of his family who were diagnosed with different cancers (one in Europe, one in Mozambique and the other in South Africa). All three received the treatment, are still alive and free of cancer.

Is it toxic?:

There are no signs of toxicity with Matema. It is also compatible with chemotherapy (abstain during the days of chemotherapy treatment).

Matema contains Mathéma herb and Artemisia Afra.

Dosage and Directions for use:
Shake well before using.
Adults: 5 -10 drops 3 times daily at regular intervals or when required, on the tongue or in 10 ml of water.

Traditional Dosage: Place 2 drops of Matema in 10 ml of boiling water. Allow to cool down. Apply in the form of an enema once a day only, preferably at night. This form of treatment is considered more effective as it is quickly absorbed into the system. The boiling water will evaporate most of the alcohol content.

Contra indications:

Patients with a hypersensitivity to any of the plant species or ingredients. Not to be taken during pregnancy. Patients may experience a feeling of warmth and feel slightly tired after taking Matema during the first few days. Within the first days of treatment, a slight pain may be felt where the cancer has manifested itself.

Pharmacological action: African herbal medicine traditionally used for cancer.

Indications: It is traditionally used in the support of cancers, cysts tumours and blocked maspopathy.

Side effects and special precautions: None side effects have been recorded.

Known symptoms of over dosage and particulars of its treatment: None, treatment is symptomatic.

Presentation: Homeopathic bottles of 30 ml.

Storage instructions: Keep in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Recommendation: Matema can and should be rubbed on the skin surface over the area where skin cancer has manifested itself.




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