Herbal Africa Sleep Well Capsules 60 x 20mg


Sleep-Well promotes good, healthy, sleeping patterns.


Herbal Africa Sleep Well Capsules 60 x 20mg

Herbal Formula for Sleeping Disorders
Sleep-Well is a blend of African herbs traditionally used to promote:

  • Healthy sleeping patterns
  • Deep and sound sleep
  • Reduce restlessness
  • Treat insomnia

Enhance good moods
Sleep-Well helps to overcome sleep disorders such as insomnia and restlessness by helping the patient fall asleep easier and have a restful, deep sleep. Unlike many other products, Sleep-Well does not drug nor drowse the patient. This wonderful herbal remedy dramatically decreases irritability and generally leaves the patient feeling refreshed and energetic on awaking. Patients suffering from regular night time disturbances, generally feel better, fall asleep easier, have a sound sleep and are therefore able to cope better with life’s daily stresses.

Added benefits:

  • Promotes good disposition
  • Relieves depression, anxiety and fear
  • Combats mood swings
  • Does not drug or drowse the patient
  • Highly recommended for patients that suffer with depression and ailments that cause shaking

Does it work?
Ethno-botanical data points to a excellent natural remedy with excellent curative powers against sleeping disorders. The Gladiolus plant is known to regulate the human system, affording the patient better health and a great feeling of well-being.

What about its quality?
Excellent – The Sceletium tortuosum and Gladiolus raw material used by Herbal Africa are of the highest quality.

Is it toxic?
There are no signs of toxicity.

Each Capsule contains 20 mg Sceletium tortuosum, 120 mg Gladiolus, 150 mg Calcium (Coral/Marine), 40 mg enzymes and 10 mg Magnesium Stearate.

1 capsule in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening ½ hour before going to sleep with a full glass of water. Dosage may be increased to 3 capsules daily taken at regular intervals.

Patients with a hypersensitivity to any of the plant species, iodine, shellfish or ingredients. May cause heartburn. Not to be taken during pregnancy. Sleep-Well contains Marine/Coral calcium. If unsure, contact your medical practitioner. May cause heartburn similarly to the one experienced while eating spicy foods.

Coral calcium: – Scientists report that over 150 degenerative diseases are as a result of Calcium deficiencies and high acid levels. Adding Coral Calcium with water (as recommended in our dosage), helps create that critical acid-alkaline balance in the body. Using Ionic Calcium regularly may assist in increasing muscle and joint mobility, absorbing and using available Calcium, regulating blood sugar and pressure, cleansing kidneys, intestines and liver, neutralizing harmful acids and improving symptoms of osteoporosis.

Pharmacological action
African herbal medicine.

It is traditionally used in the support of alleviating sleeping disorders and stress.


Side-effects and special precautions
No known side effects have been recorded.

Known symptoms of over-dosage and particulars of its treatment
None, treatment is symptomatic.

Size 0, clear gelatine capsule, with a cream powder.

Bottles of 60 capsules.

Storage instructions:
Keep in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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