Herbal Africa Hair and Nail Formula 30ml


For Healthier Hair, Nails and Bones


Herbal Africa Hair and Nail Formula 30ml

For Healthier Hair, Nails and Bones
Momordica balsamina & African Herbs Tincture

Hair & Nail Formula is a blend of African herbs traditionally used for:  

  • The strengthening of nails
  • The strengthening of hair
  • Osteoporosis by building up bone mass and density
  • Recommended women and children

Hair & Nail Formula effectively delivers its desired results while simultaneously being beneficial to the overall health of the patient. Perhaps one of the most widely used herb in Africa, the Momordica balsamina is highly respected by naturalists, traditionalists and conventional practitioners.

Added benefits:
1) Momordica sp. is rich in vitamins A & C, carotene, calcium, iron, phosphorous, alkaloids, phytochemicals and amino acids
2) Momordica balsamina L is beneficial to the liver, bile, pancreas and digestive system
3) Momordica sp. is nutritious
4) Promotes mental alertness, vitality, stamina and concentration levels
5) Momordica balsamina L cleanses the body of harmful toxins
6) Used externally on cuts, sores, bites and infections

The results of Hair & Nail Formula can often be felt within two weeks. More often it is the hairdressers that bring to the attention of the patient, the change in the hair.  Manicurists often comment on the quality and strength of the nails, while cooks remark that their nails do not break as easily as before. With continued use, the hair’s natural color and bounciness returns and woman have remarked: “my hair has not been like this since I was a girl.”

Momordica balsamina L.’s high concentration of Calcium and other bone-friendly minerals and vitamins help the body increase bone density. Momordica balsamina L. is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, Calcium and Iron and in their natural form; these vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed by the system, strengthening the bones thereby avoiding osteoporosis.

The best recommendation: it was with great surprise that our researchers found Unicef field workers recommending parents to supplement their diets and children’s diets with Momordica balsamina because of its nutritional value and beneficial medicinal properties. Because of its wholesomeness, health & nutritional benefits, Hair & Nail formula is recommended for children.

Hair & Nail formula contains Momordica balsamina L leaves and fruit and African medicinal plants.

Dosage and Directions for use:
Shake well before using.
Adults: 5 drops 3 times daily in 10 ml of water or under the tongue.
Children (6-15): 2 to 3 drops 3 times daily in 10 ml of water or juice.
Not to be taken within 6 hours of going to sleep.

Contra indications:
Patients with a hypersensitivity to any of the plant species or ingredients. Not to be taken during pregnancy

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